How to Remove Stuck Ring

At Pop-A-Rock we have several methods when it comes to how to remove stuck rings. Feel free to try some of these self help methods before giving us a call.

How to remove stuck ring option 1:

When trying to remove a stuck ring do not tug too forcefully as this may cause further swelling. Gently pull and twist and add lubrication such as lotion, soap, or Vaseline.How to remove a ring - pulling

How to remove stuck ring option 2: 

Elevating the affected arm can assist in allowing the fluid build up around the ring to flow past the ring allowing for enough space to allow the ring to be removed.How to remove a ring - lotion

How to remove stuck ring option 3:

Call Pop-A-Rock ring removal service! Austin’s only service dedicated to helping you in your time of distress. For a nominal price far less than an Emergency Room visit, we will come to you and offer you relief withing minutes.  We use only the top quality equipment, better than found in majority of healthcare settings. Call us anytime 24/7 at 512-593-0187.

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