Our Services

Pop-A-Rock located in Austin, TX offers the exact techniques used in the Emergency Room setting without the huge associated costs of visiting your local Austin Emergency Room. Not all rings are created equal! Various metals used in ring jewelry offer their own unique variables when it comes to ring removal on a swollen finger. Our service specialist will come to you with all of the proper tools for what ever the situation. Considering the cost of Emergency Room fees, our service offers HUGE saving for you the consumer. We understand your ring is of  great sentimental value and we may attempt to remove the ring without actually having to cut and damage the ring. We do not recommend you to attempt any king of cutting on your own. Without the proper tools you may cause further harm to yourself or your ring. Please check out this file from the University of California San Francisco Fresno  Department of Emergency Medicine on Ring Cutting Tools and Times and their effectiveness.

This is a video showcasing our power cutter.

When researching how to remove a ring you may come across several self help solutions. Feel free to try some of these at your own will though we highly recommend against trying any cutting methods as this can cause further injury to your ring finger. Pop-A-Rock knows how to remove a ring in the  most effective and safe manner using the highest quality tools available.