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We are Austin's only service dedicated to removing rings from swollen fingers. If you've been searching for how to remove a ring, Pop-A-Rock located in Austin, Texas is your solution. Though there are methods for trying to remove a ring on your own, chances are if you've made it to our page your attempts have not been successful.

Our service specialists have been trained by experienced emergency room workers to provide you with a safe experience when it comes to ring removal techniques. We provide 24 hour service 7 days a week. Our services may not be available immediately but please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Skip high Austin Emergency Room costs and long wait times. WE COME TO YOU!

Remove a ring in Austin without going to the emergency room!

Whether you are at home, visiting Austin, camping outdoors, or otherwise we are here to help you. Trying to get a stuck ring off can be a tricky and frustrating process. Do not attempt cutting a ring off a swollen finger on your own as this can cause further injury. Let a Pop-A-Rock professional who is properly trained with the proper equipment assist you in removing your stuck ring. The typical ring removal process takes but only a few moments. It is nearly inconceivable to journey to one of Austin's Emergency Rooms considering costs and the aggravation of a typical ER visit just to remove a ring! Check out the video on this page of our electric ring cutter, cutting a ring off a swollen finger.

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My ring is stuck on my finger!

Remain calm and do not tug too forcefully as this may cause further aggravation and additional swelling to your affected finger. This can make it even more difficult to remove a ring. Check out our self help tips here. Rings can be made of various materials including gold, silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steal, tungsten carbide, and more. Each material poses its own techniques and ring removal process. Finger swelling or inflammation can occur for various reasons including insect bites/stings, pregnancy, weight gain, trauma, etc. Please note if you suspect that you could have possibly fractured your affected swollen  finger, we suggest that you seek professional medical advice.  If you experience finger swelling with pain, redness, or warmth, on your "non-ring finger" seek prompt medical care.   A stuck ring left untreated can cause further swelling and constriction which can lead to eventual loss of blood flow and potential loss of finger. If you suspect you are experiencing a medical emergency call 911 immediately.    512-593-0187